PRAISE IN THE PRESS for Pittman / Daniels’ Latest Release “Smilessence” 

Released in Jan 15th 2018

ON THE JAZZ CHARTS — Smilessence makes a sonic boom! 

Roots Music Report
(RMR Jazz Chart)
US  #12 – Debut Placement 2/3/18
 North American College & Community Chart  (NACC Top 30 Jazz Chart) US  #7  – Debut Placement 1/23/18
 NACC Top 30 Jazz Chart US  #10 1/30/18
 NACC Top 30 Jazz Chart US  #9 2/6/18

“There’s an exceptional clarity to this album that’s downright exciting. The overall sound is so clearly delineated in three dimensions, so well-drawn and defined. Everything just pops…Every track is an adventure, full of distinct charms and unique perspectives. This quartet isn’t satisfied with just playing a tune and seeing how it comes out. There’s some thought involved, especially in the way these four performers switch up their styles and see how that adds to the whole…. Smilessence is exactly that, a smile-inducing shot of jazz that captures the essence of who these four performers are, and where they have been.”

The Vinyl Anarchist 

Smilessence is one groove session from start to finish, giving us a rhythmic feeling that is completely in sync with the expression Smilessence. Uptempo songs, funk, reggae, calypso and wonderful ballads – the 11 original compositions and arrangements will make you want to hear them repeatedly on your speakers.”

Rootsville – Blues, Jazz & Roots Info

“The greatly anticipated second release by the Reggie Pittman/Loren Daniels Quartet, Smilessence, is a deeply grooving session from beginning to end! Each member of the quartet shines throughout the recording. This “working band” of seasoned jazz performers digs in an delivers the “goods” on the great variety of rhythmic feels that comprise Smilessence. From up-tempo burners to funk, reggae, calypso and ballads, the 11 original compositions and arrangements by Daniels and Pittman grab your ears and never let go! Let the music make you smile, live, thrive, and love. Smilessence is here! Up front spectacular collection by four master musicians.”

Grady Harp – Hall of Fame Top 100 Reviewer

“REGGIE PITTMAN-LOREN DANIELS QUARTET / Smilessence: Stopping at various jazz ports of call, this crew gets to grooving early and often on this sweet set that follows the muse but doesn’t follow the rules. Tasty stuff from real jazzbos out to spread the good vibes, this little cooker is a real attention grabber.”

The Midwest Record – Entertainment Reviews, News and Views

“Leaders Loren Daniels and Reggie Pittman co-lead a swinging quartet through a swinging collection of bop-themed originals and standards. Pittman’s got a golden tone akin to Art Farmer and he glistens on the snappy ‘Knee High to a Bee Bop’ and the hip ‘You’d Better Say Alice’ while flowing on the muted horn on an autumnal ‘And it Goes…On.’ Daniels is gentle and casual as he teams with Peretz’s ride cymbal on ‘Change’ and is lithe on ‘There Is No Greater Love.’  The rhythm team is aplomb and able to go from reggae on ‘2 Hip 2B’ to Latin on the keyboarded title track and gallop to the finish on the mercurial ‘Straight Up.’ No frills, just thrills.”

Jazz Weekly

“This new album from horn player Reggie Pittman and keyboardist Loren Daniels is as sunny and bright as its cover, a solid and straightforward bop jazz quartet sound that feels like it’s been waiting in the shadows preparing to jump out as you pass by. Isn’t it a great day? Do you need more beauty in your life?  Here you have a combined whole that just swings and moves forward with considerable momentum. You have no choice but to hop on board.”

Tom McCarter – KZSU Stanford

“New Jersey is the home base for the REGGIE PITTMAN-LOREN DANIELS QUARTET.  They have just released their second album, Smilessence.… The music covers many bases, a touch of swing, some bebop, nice ballad playing, and even some traces of calypso.  Pittman is at his mellow best on the slower pieces, and has a crisp excitement to his approach as the tempi increase. Daniels plays piano, electric piano and Hammond B3 organ, all with equal facility. Richmond (bass) and Peretz (drums) provide solid support.  The group exhibits the kind of tightness that comes from being together as a working group.  The original compositions are all catchy tunes that should find other musicians welcoming them into their repertoires.  Smilessence is definitely a smile-inducing album.

Joe Lang, New Jersey Jazz Society – March 2018 issue

“Jazz pioneers and songwriters, Reggie Pittman and Loren Daniels have released a second CD with their quartet. Comprised of formidable jazz talent, the group has endowed the songs on ‘Smilessence’ with moods and textures that make the album different from what is expected…. From the first song, to the title track, a mood is set. There is an urbanity about the work that never gets morose. But the work is not just light sounds–in fact, there are deep grooves and swaying rhythms throughout. But the dynamics, especially when one of Pittman’s horns is showcased, or Daniels’ finds a catchy piano motif to wrap around an improvised section, keep the songs moving.”


MEET THE BAND LEADERS: Featured interviews with Jeremy Ryan Slate of Create Your Own Life podcast 

Loren Daniels
featured on
Create Your Own Life

with Jeremy Ryan Slate

Reggie Pittman
featured on
Create Your Own Life

with Jeremy Ryan Slate

ON THE JAZZ CHARTS: Point A to Point A

Released in 2010

Earshot Jazz Chart Canada #1 10/19/10
Chart Attack Canada #7 10/26/10
Jazzweek Top 200 Chart US Charted from 3/7/11 to 5/9/11, reaching #43  


Roots Music Report
(RMR Jazz Chart)
US #45 9/24/10
CMJ Jazz Charts US 4 weeks on CMJ, reaching #11 (issue #1175)  





“2010 has been a banner year for artists in the genre, and the latest stellar release is from the Reggie Pittman-Loren Daniels Quartet.

“‘Point A To Point A’ is a return to the great sounds of jazz legends from the past, brought to us by modern storytellers. Weaving in and out of sonic bliss, the quartet both captures the listener’s ear and makes it hard to turn the dial, as the album is packed with hits from open to close. It’s rare to find an album without a weak moment, and ‘Point A To Point A’ might be just that.

“Music has, at it’s roots, the power to soothe trouble hearts and lift up weary souls. Great jazz seems to do both on a regular basis. Let ‘Point A To Point A’ remind you why you love music in the first place.”

Christopher Llewellyn Adams — Cashbox Magazine

“This is an energetic and upbeat album; the Reggie Pittman/Loren Daniels Quartet play an enthusiastic hard bop that is both playful and thrusting.

“Speed, on many of the ten tracks is of the essence, but I rather liked the late night sleepy feel of Fall, a slow bluesy number that makes you listen more closely to every note. The style may be hard bop but there is a strong sense of swing throughout the album, and playful good humour. ‘Point A to Point A’ [is] likely to cheer the listener up with its vibrant performances. …This is the Reggie Pittman/Loren Daniels Quartet’s debut recording but it doesn’t show it — this album brims with confidence.”

John M. Peters —
The Borderland (UK) Music Watch

“All four musicians are accomplished…

“Pittman can play fast runs, as in On the B.T., and can be meditative as well, as when he switches to flugelhorn in his own Fall. Daniels has an easy and melodic touch on the keys. Moring and Horner are expert at adding small touches, with tasteful string bends and cymbal flourishes.

“This is a well-recorded CD with a clean sound, with no electric instruments or incoherent noodling to mar the uncluttered vibe. It is a tribute to the golden ages of jazz, as when Daniels sings its praises on It’s All Thelonious in a lighthearted fashion. There is no funk, fusion, or rock here — just a fresh viewpoint on straightforward jazz.”

Dave Howell — Rambles.NET

“Man, jazz doesn’t get any better than this… Loren’s piano is superb, and Reggie’s trumpet & flugelhorn will take you all the way – “round” the route, as the CD title implies.

“The opening track, On The BT is clear proof that these gents have got it DOWN… some of the most inspiring jazz I’ve heard yet this year! Orinthology has a really nice “bump level”… you’ll be funkin’ through th’ streets of wherever home is in no time.

“I give this my MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as well as an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98.”

Rotcod Zzaj — Improvijazzation Nation

“What a swinging, tight and vibrant band, rooted deeply in the bop tradition.

“Trumpeter Reggie Pittman and pianist Loren Daniels have teamed up with bassist Bill Moring and drummer Tim Horner for this session. It features original material plus a funky rearrangement of Charlie Parker’s Ornithology, which itself was a bebop variation on How High the Moon. My favorites (difficult choices given the strength of all the material) are the title track and Prose and Consequence. Both were written by Daniels. Pittman’s Woody Shaw tribute, Shaw is Woody, is also a sprightly and swinging dandy.”

Ken Franckling — Jazz Notes

“This jumps off like some lost Miles era Prestige date.

“Solidly swinging post bop that isn’t derivative but stays right in the pocket, this is simply a high octane burner that delivers the goods. Everything you could want in a contemporary, straight ahead jazzbo date, this will ping with the hipster in everyone, thrift store wardrobe not required. Well done.”

Chris Spector — Midwest Record Recap